Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Larry's Leanover

Larry has a "leanover" - a small-sized hangover,
usually comes with a mild headache,
a vague fatigue with little or no sense
of regret and/or shame.


Carol said...

That is inspired!! I don't get hangovers but I have definitely been known to get the odd leanover *grins*

C x

Ps. In terms of regret and mate reckons that if you can't remember it then it didn't happen :-)

Jamie Lees said...

Your mate is a very smart individual indeed!

Jennifer said...

Leanover - could be a new word for a very old condition. I might have had the odd leanover myself.

Jamie Lees said...

YES I agree Leanover does explain it nicely. I have been there as well and have decided the leanover is a far better place to be then the hell of a hangover!