Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Building Margaret a Home

Building Margaret a new home, here on the flat lands.

These are some of the sample colours and the composition I will be using in the painting.


Carol said...

That's really interesting - I guess it's the difference between being professionally trained and being self taught - I have never worked out what I'm going to do before attacking the canvass! The composition yes, but never the colours etc. I think its a much better way of working than how I approach it...lesson learned. Thank you so much for sharing this!

C x

Jamie Lees said...

My pleasure Carol.

When I am doing my intuitive painting work nothing is planned. I just go with what ever comes up... (this is hard work).

But this kind of work, where I have a sketch of what I want the final to look like, I like to take my time and work out all of the bugs before hand. (this is easier work).

Jennifer said...

New learning for me too. I guess I did know that there was a planning process - other stages that get to the canvass stage first - because I've stood in galleries and looked at sketches and notes by all kinds of artists. But since I've only ever painted expressively, as a process rather than a product, I never gave it a lot of thought. Again, I'm really enjoying watching the process.

Jamie Lees said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this Jen.

I'm kind of the opposite... I had always worked this way (illustration training in school) and had never worked expressively. That is why the latter is so challenging for me. AND why I keep going back for more every time Natalia Rosenfeld has a class!