Friday, April 20, 2012

Rooster Gets Feathers

Rooster prior to adding his feathers.

Rooster with feathers. Very fun to do using my new 
funky pallet knife purchased at Utrecht in Detroit.

A selection of pallet knives. Aren't they beautiful? 
So much fun to paint with.


Jennifer said...

Good job with those feathers!

Jamie Lees said...

Thanks Jennifer. Feathers are fun.

Danah_cr8tivegirl said...

hi jamie, i am just learning how to do this..maybe you will get this comment twice! Anyhow, I love receiving your daily emails. I am also excited about your creative adventures and playfulness and how it comes through in the colours, subject matter and energy in your work. I also commend you on your commitment to the work and creativity...not to deadlines and dates. (been there sister!) I am inspired by your commitment and I just love your work! big pink polka dottie hug coming your way, Danah

Carol said...

Love the feathers! It's really starting to come together!

C x

Anonymous said...

Very cool!


Caroline said...

Thanks Zina.