Friday, March 9, 2012

She Has a Bird She Likes to Hold

Been playing with some details for the big-ass, 40'' x 40'' blank canvas... working title "Margaret the Homesteader." Amazing what you can accomplish in a boring meeting.

Quite sure I have the the composition worked out, although may try a sketch with Margaret to the left instead of centre. As well, more of her torso and skirt will have to be created in order for her to work within the square format. Margaret is going to be holding a bird, so will do a bit of research and sketch out a bird, a chicken or quite possibly a cockerel.

I've also decided on the main colours and am off to pick up my paints tomorrow. I've settled on burnt umber, ochre, raw sienna, and pale teal green, although these could change when I get to the store and see all of those glorious tubes. I am on vacation for a couple of days next week, and am looking forward to working on some colour comps. 

Stay tuned for more big-ass, 40'' x 40'' blank canvas updates.


Jennifer said...

I love that you're sharing this process! Other peoples' creative processes are exceedingly interesting to me. Thank you.

Carol said...

I find them fasinating as well! It is really interesting to learn how other people work.

C x